What Every Small Business Buyer Wants

With over two decades of experience in our field, National Industry Network Business Brokerage has come across a myriad of small business buyers, and while every buyer is different, there are several components on every buyer’s list that tend to be universal in terms of what small business buyers are searching for. Here’s a list of a few key items on every small business buyer’s list:

A Well-Established Business

  • As with any major purchase, most small business buyers utilize an entrepreneurial approach when determining what business to buy. By conducting proper research within the industry of the business they are looking to obtain, buyers are able to gauge whether or not the acquisition will be in their best interest financially speaking.
  • Qualified buyers will use financial metrics as well as a spectrum of other qualities when considering the purchase of a small business. Three years of consecutive ownership is often preferred along with, at minimum, an equal number of properly filled tax returns to assess the overall stability of a business.
  • Buyers are most attracted to businesses that have of strong records indicative that the company is not only capable of demonstrating verifiable financial security, but additionally, that the business has the potentiality to display ample opportunity for growth once purchased.

A True-to-Market Price Point

When weighing out options, it is no surprise that some buyers tend to shy away from businesses listed for sale with inflated price points.

When pricing your business, it is essential that the valuation of the company being sold is reflective of the actual revenue and income of the business itself. Over-valuation of a company can be a detriment to the selling process for both parties during the transaction. Over-valuation can lead to longer transaction times and occasionally the dissipation of a deal entirely if the seller is unwilling to budge in price.

It is important that the seller has practical and realistic expectations throughout the entirety of the selling process.

Offering financing for potential buyers is another aspect of a sale that some buyers find enticing when looking to buy a small business.

Timeliness and Transparency

  • Though seemingly self explanatory, buyers appreciate timeliness on part of the seller’s responses to potential inquiries concerning various aspects of the business including daily procedures, clientele demographics, staffing needs, etc.
  • Buyers want transparency on all fronts concerning the business they are looking to purchase. It is of the utmost importance that sellers wishing to expedite the selling process provide accurate of information pertaining to the business, without extrapolating crucial details.

A Seamless Closing

  • Perhaps the most daunting task of any transaction, the closing process can often be very intricate and tedious for both parties. A smooth closing is one of key items on every buyer’s wish-lists.
  • National Industry Network Business Brokerage works with both parties involved in the transaction in order to facilitate the closing of a sale in the most streamlined way possible. Our goal is for both parties to feel confident and comfortable in the transfer.
  • The legal aspects and paperwork can often be overwhelming to first time sellers or buyers which is why working with NINBB can be the difference between a celebration at the closing of a quick, efficient transfer rather and strenuous uphill battle when completing the sale of a business.

An Involved Seller

  • Most Buyers are looking to retain the current customer base when acquiring a small business. Well-trained and loyal employees are also on every buyer’s list.
  • Having an involved seller around to aid in the transfer of the business can provide a sense of comfort for buyers as well as for their new employees and customers.
  • Although a seller is not expected to remain extensively involved in the recently sold business’s operations, some buyers do appreciate having the access to the previous owner for a short period of time subsequently following the transaction in case any unforeseen circumstances arise.

As one of the nation’s leading resources for business buyers and business sellers, the representatives at National Industry Network Business Brokerage is happy to serve our clients throughout the entirety of the selling and buying process. If you are looking to buy or sell a business, visit our website ninbb.com and fill out the submission form, or send us an email at info@ninbb.com

How National Industry Network Business Brokerage Ensures a Smooth Transition of Ownership

Have you contemplated buying a new business or selling your current business? The thought of transferring your company to a new owner can often be worrisome. Part of our obligation at NINBB is to ensure your company is bought by a verified buyer. For more information about our process, check out the article below.

As a business owner, it’s crucial to enact a system that enables new entrepreneurs to enter your business and transition ownership with ease. Through a formal resale program, National Industry Network Business Brokerage facilitates smooth transitions that propel your brand’s legacy forward rather than causing confusion that can occur when a business changes ownership.

A structured resale program is also an asset in attracting potential franchise opportunities. Many potential franchisees find comfort in knowing that there is an organized process already in place for them to sell their current location, after putting in the hard work of running their business prior to the sale. Additionally, this type of program promotes proper management of franchises, leading to long-term value and growth.

Putting our experienced brokers at NINBB in charge of your business sale allows our clients to focus on future expansion, rather than fretting over the nuanced of selling existing locations. Our reliable team matches business buyers with sellers efficiently. Having an expert business brokering partner, makes it possible for you to reduce your liability during the valuation process; thereby ensuring that resales occurring within your system to leave new franchisees with a solid foundation for growth.

If you are ready to buy or sell a business, send us an email at info@ninbb.com, or visit our website for a variety of businesses available for purchase today. We look forward to hearing from you.

How National Industry Network Business Brokerage Sells a Business

The task of selling a business can be daunting. Even the preliminary steps can be confusing and overwhelming to an untrained seller, which is why hundreds of business owners have trusted National Industry Network Business Brokerage to sell their business. If you’ve ever been curious about the process of selling your business, you’d find yourself in good company as most business brokerage firms are typically quite secretive about their selling process. At NINBB we believe in educating our clients to ensure that every transaction is understood by both the buying and selling parties involved. Here’s a step-by-step guide that we’ve used at NINBB to sell businesses for over 20 years.

  1. Preparation of the sale
    • The first step when selling a business starts with the seller. Once we receive an inquiry from a business owner looking to sell their business, we conduct an initial consultation where an expert representative from National Industry Network Business Brokerage gathers all of the necessary details surrounding the sale of the business in order to properly value, market, and ultimately sell a business to a potential buyer. This key step is what separates NINBB from other business brokerages. Our consult is thorough, detailed, and specific to each seller’s needs.
  2. Identifying Potential Buyers
    • Once the initial consult has been conducted, and the seller has agreed to sell their business, an associate of the National Industry Network Business Brokerage will then list the business to our website along with a brief description of the business for sale, asking price, and other relevant information. Unlike other brokerage firms, NINBB does not charge our clients a listing fee to post their business on our site. Additionally when working with National Industry Network Business Brokerage, our clients have access to our exclusive, and constantly expanding pool of qualified buyers. We have been expanding our list of business buyers for nearly two decades, and have right the connections and resources to ensure your business is sold efficiently, and at fair market value. We help our clients by presenting businesses for sale to verified buyers, providing our sellers with a variety of potential candidates, and eventually guide them to selecting the right buyer for their specific needs.
  3. Negotiating and Finalizing the Transaction
    • While the initial consult is the most important step when selling your business, National Industry Network Business Brokerage knows that every seller’s dream is closing the deal to the right buyer for the right price. Transactions with first time buyers often fall apart during the negotiating stage for numerous reasons. Fortunately, at NINBB we have a procedural approach to finalizing the purchasing process to ensure both parties reach an agreement smoothly, and concretely. We understand the level of care and compassion it takes to start a business which is why we are passionate about closing deals that benefit our seller’s best interest, from a financial standpoint as well as an ethical standpoint. NINBB loves to match our sellers with trusted buyers to ensure that all transactions are considerate of the overall mission of not only completing a sale but also transferring ownership of a business.
  4. Additional Help
    • What makes National Industry Network Business Brokerage different from other firms is our incredible network of professional assistance provided to our clients throughout every stage of the transaction. For both the buyer and the seller, additional counsel is frequently sought after for financing solutions or legal solutions that may arise when completing the paperwork for a sale. At NINBB, we are delighted to refer our clients to trusted business allies that specialize in allocating funding in order to expedite the transaction. We have a network of trusted resources available to our clients that distinguish us from other brokerage services and for over 20 years, has aided our on going efforts and resulted in hundreds of successfully completed transactions.

If you’re looking to sell a business, National Industry Network Business Brokerage would be delighted to assist you in the process. Send us an inquiry at info@ninbb.com to get started today or visit our website at http://www.ninbb.com for more information.

Selling a Business? Find out how National Industry Network Business Brokerage can help.

Selling a business can be tricky. Finding the valuation for your business, listing it to market, and sourcing qualified buyers can all be overwhelming, especially for a first time seller. At National Industry Network Business Brokerage, we have over 20 years of experience in selling hundreds businesses in a variety of industries. In addition to listing your business to our website, free of charge, we will assist you in locating the right buyer to assure that your business is sold at a fair market price.

At NINBB, we connect business buyers with business sellers and help to facilitate the transaction every step of the way to make the process as streamlined as possible, all while doing our due diligence to ensure both parties are satisfied. Its our goal to provide our clients with a premium experience when selling or buying a business. Contractual and procedural aspects of selling your business can be timing consuming and confusing to first time sellers, which is why we are here to help you close the deal. When it comes to a sale, National Industry Network Business Brokerage knows all of the necessary details that first-time sellers and inexperienced brokers often overlook when seeking to complete a transaction. These oversights can lead to long delays, and even forfeiture of a sale due to incompetence.

With hundreds of business bought and sold, NINBB has a formulaic approach to business buying and selling to ensure deals don’t fall apart at the last minute. We make sure your business is sold to qualified buyers, letting you have peace of mind once the sale is complete.

National Industry Network Business Brokerage provides efficient transitions for those looking to sell their business by marketing the sale to a large pool of forthright, honest, and verified buyers.

We make sure that the process is seamless and that all parties are foster a hospitable working understanding of all pertinent aspects of the transaction with the goal of reaching a successful closing.

Are you looking to sell your business? National Industry Network Business Brokerage is here for you. Give us a call at: 404.880.3370 or visit our website at http://www.ninbb.com today to get started.

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